How to use

Watch this step-by-step video on how to use your Flipping Timmy Possum Trap.

Download this useful instruction sheet (PDF, 1.1 MB) from Envirotools.

Top tips

  • Make sure you always wear gloves when handling your trap or catches.
  • Remember clean traps catch best. If your trap gets dirty, we recommend a scrubbing brush to scrub down the trap and surrounding area.
  • When fastening to a tree, ensure you loosen the screws approximately once a year to allow for tree growth and avoid the base distorting.
  • You can bait the Flipping Timmy with a slice of apple. Skewer the apple on the trigger pin, skin side first.
  • As a visual lure, you can also smear icing sugar or lure paste beneath the trap to entice possums to your trapping area. Try this sweet flour paste recipe to attract possums to your trap.
  • We recommend checking and re-baiting once a week.


  • Ensure you place the trap in full view. Possums tend to run along trails, especially when the undergrowth or grass is wet. Good places are along tracks or roads, streams, ridges, and bush fringes. If you’re not getting results, try a different spot. 
  • If the bait is being taken, but the trap is not setting off you many need to adjust the sensitivity of your trap. You can do this by sliding the red sensitivity bush along the metal bar. The bigger the bush diameter that the bait bar sets up against the more sensitive the trap. Rats could also be stealing the bait – put a rat trap nearby, but at least 5 metres away and slightly hidden so that possums do not interfere with it.
  • The more frequently you are able to check, clear and re-bait your Flipping Timmy the greater results you will be able to achieve. However, as humane kill traps, they can be left for a period if they are not able to be checked straight away. We recommend checking and re-baiting once a week.

Where to buy the Flipping Timmy

You can purchase one from our online store and get it delivered to your door.