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Get the kids involved 

Before you start, read our guide with information about where to begin and how to get kids excited and proactive about conservation. 

Kids learn by doing – and by getting outdoors. There are many field trips available around New Zealand. There are also courses for secondary school aged kids. For class time, there are worksheets and nature activities available.

If you’re a backyard trapper wanting to involve your family, show them what you’ve been doing and talk through it with them.

Teach them about the local wildlife, explain why protecting it is so important, and make your garden safe for wildlife.

Joining a local group is also a great way to connect with other families doing the same work.

Clyde School. Image Credit: Supplied

How to get your school involved

Before embarking on any predator control, it’s important to know which introduced predators you’re dealing with and also understand their behaviour and habits. That way, you can choose the most effective (and cost-effective) control methods.

Read our information on knowing your target predators and the tools to use to identify them and where to buy equipment.

Schools making a difference

Need more information?

Head to our Schools Toolkit, which has many resources. It’s also a work in progress and will grow over time with input from teachers and educators around Aotearoa. 

For more advice, feel free to contact us.