How to use the Goodnature Traps

First, use the trap location card that comes with the trap — it will help you pinpoint the best place to put your Traps. Set your trap at the exact same sites where rodent activity has been identified by the trap location card. If you’re not getting results, try a different spot.

Watch this video on how to safely set your Traps:

Top tips

  • Make sure you always wear gloves when handling your trap or catches.
  • The lures are toxin-free, so there is no risk of secondary poisoning to native species or predators.
  • Don’t shift a live trap. You must de-gas and then de-pressurise the trap before shifting.
  • The trap will come with a Chocolate Formula for Rats, which will last for 6 months. You can purchase lure replenishment packs from the Goodnature website.
  • The Automatic Lure Pump, once activated, will release the lure itself slowly and consistently over the 6 month period. Technically the trap doesn’t need to be checked at all until the 6-month replenishments need to be installed.
  • With the Smart Trap, predator carcasses are often scavenged by cats, dogs, or other animals, so you might not need to remove them. However, if there are dead rats near your trap they could start to smell after a couple of days – they can be buried in the garden or bagged and placed in household rubbish. 

Trouble shooting

1. Will your trap test fire?

If your traps not firing, you’re never going to catch a rat.

Some of the trap kits come with a cardboard Pi-rat, especially made for you to test fire your trap. If you didn’t receive a Pi-rat, you can use a stick from the garden to test your trap. 

Carefully use the stick to activate the trigger inside, keeping fingers well away at all times. Never use your finger! The trigger is incredibly powerful and will cause damage to your finger.

A24 set up. Image credit: Russell Landcare Trust

2. When did you last change your lure and CO2?

The Co2 canisters have pressure for 24 humane kills if installed correctly. Just like keeping your oil topped up in your car, keeping CO2 and Lure up to date is critical for the continued success of your trap. If your CO2 has sat inactive for over six months it’s time to replace. You can find them here.

3. Where is your trap located?

Positions too high, or low, near a competing food source or areas that are too exposed will inhibit the success of your trap. 

4. Are there other food sources?

Rats are incredibly smart, and will always look for the safest and easiest food source. This means your trap needs to be the most appealing food available to lure them in. Competing food sources are sometimes difficult to remove, but a little clean up will mean your traps performance is far more effective.

Where to buy the Goodnature Traps

You can buy the Traps from our online shop and have it delivered to your door.