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The Predator Free New Zealand Trust was established in 2013 to connect and energise all New Zealanders towards a predator free Aotearoa New Zealand to enable our native species to thrive.

What does the Trust do?

The Predator Free New Zealand Trust is an independent charitable trust that works alongside a variety of people, all with the common goal of a predator free Aotearoa New Zealand. The Trust’s job is to connect with these community groups, agencies, iwi, families and individuals and give them support, advice and encouragement to help restore our unique native species.

We show groups and families how to get started, offer products and equipment for sale, provide best practice information — anything you need to know about predator control.

Piwakawaka on a fence
Piwakawaka on a fence. Image credit: PFNZ trust.

Who do we support?

The Department of Conservation estimates that around 200,000 New Zealanders give their time to conservation projects. The Predator Free NZ Trust is here to support each and every person and group, in any way we can.

Whether you’re a community conservation group or an NGO such as Forest & Bird, a school looking for useful teaching resources, a marae or a farm, or whether you’re simply a family with rats in your compost bin ー we’ve got your back.

We also provide a platform where groups can plot their trapping area on a national map, so they can see where they fit as part of the national campaign and where there might be opportunities to close gaps or align with neighbours.  

New Zealand’s predator free movement is attracting global attention as the world’s media marvel at what no country has done before. We hope you’ll join us in making Aotearoa New Zealand a safe haven for our special birds, bats and insects.

What are our three key focuses?

The Trust was started to help connect the myriad of people involved in conservation and to get all New Zealanders engaging with the predator free vision.

Our three key focuses are connect, accelerate and celebrate. 

1. Connect everyone involved

  • Connect with individuals, community groups and organisations interested in supporting the predator free vision. 
  • Manage a national map of predator control activity, from large agencies to individual landowners.
  • Connect groups, individuals and agencies within regions and encourage a collaborative approach.

2. Accelerate the kaupapa

  • Drive publicity on social media and mainstream media.
  • Promote best practice, including humane practice, health and safety, and heightened effectiveness in the field.
  • Share relevant science and technology.
  • Make affordable predator equipment available online throughout NZ.
  • Establish new partnerships.
A group of people stand around a trap in Wanaka
Conservationists discuss trapping best practice. Image credit: PFNZ trust

3. Celebrate successes

  • Tell stories and celebrate success.
  • Acknowledge champions and promote awards schemes.

Who’s behind the Trust?

The Predator Free NZ Trust is made up of a small and nimble team who have built strong relationships with community conservation groups, individuals and a wide range of organisations across the country.

Our Trustees are Andrea Byrom, Fenton Wilson, Gareth Morgan, William McCook, Richard Abbott and Estelle Leask.