Possum sweet flour paste recipe

Use this lure, which has both smell and visual cues, to encourage possums to your bait stations or traps.


The following recipe has been shared by Cam Speedy from Wildlife Management Associates Ltd. His advice is to mix up the following ingredients in a large tub/bucket and for a larger batch multiply the recipe by 10.

  • 1 kg flour
  • 100 g icing sugar
  • 100 g milk powder
  • 15 ml cinnamon, peach, eucalyptus or vanilla essence.
Cam Speedy applies his possum lure.
Cam Speedy applies his flour lure. Image credit: PFNZ Trust

Where do I put it?

Smear over and around the trees and the surroundings but not on bait stations or traps as the flour will go mouldy.

More information

‘Attention-to-detail’ is Cam’s number one tip for trapping
‘Attention-to-detail’ is Cam’s number one tip for trapping. Source: Department of Conservation.

Watch our webinar with Cam to learn other useful tips and tricks for trapping introduced predators. ‘Attention-to-detail’ is Cam’s number one tip for trapping. He believes if you just ‘plonk’ trapping kit in the bush with little thought, it’s a waste of your time. Ineffective kit sitting around, catching nothing and rotting in our forests is an increasing issue we can’t afford if we want to achieve a predator free NZ by 2050.