How to use the Trapinator

The video below gives a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your Trapinator possum trap.

Top tips:

  • Install your trap about one metre high, on a tree or post. The trunk of the tree should be about a dinner plate (30cm) in diameter — a good size for a possum to climb up it.
  • Apply a suitable bait paste onto the bait bar, like peanut butter or jam.
  • Entice possums to your trapping area by sprinkling possum treats at the base of the tree, such as cinnamon, apple, or even some lure paste (peanut butter or jam). To avoid attracting cats and other unwanted species you should never use meat as a lure. You can also try this sweet flour paste recipe to attract possums to your trap.
  • Don’t put your hand into the trap once it is set.
  • If you can, check your trap every couple of days to begin with to make sure your methods are working.
  • If you’ve caught a possum, push the red lever towards the setting position to release it. If you can, bury the carcass or dispose of it (bagged) in household rubbish. 
  • Make sure you always wear gloves when handling your trap or catches.
Trapinator. Image credit: PFNZ


  • If mounting the trap on a round surface (like a tree or post) is too difficult, try mounting it onto a white, solid board then attaching this to a tree. The colour white attracts possums.

Where to buy the Trapinator

Buy one from our online store and get it delivered to your door.