DOC 150/200/250 traps

DOC 150 and 200 traps are effective for catching rats, stoats and hedgehogs, while the larger DOC 250 traps are mainly for ferrets (but can also be used for stoats, rats and hedgehogs).  All DOC traps should be contained inside a wooden tunnel.

How to use DOC traps

  • Always wear gloves when setting traps and handling catches.
  • Bait your DOC 150/200 traps with fresh rabbit, hare, possum, Erayz, salted rabbit, freeze-dried rabbit and/or fresh hen eggs for stoats. For hedgehogs, use an egg. For rats, use peanut butter.
  • Bait your DOC 250 traps with meat (e.g. rabbit, hare, beef, possum), Erayz, salted rabbit and/or fish to catch ferrets.
  • Place traps along ridges, tracks, roads, and creeks/rivers – basically, anywhere that’s easy to reach. Set them on lines about 1km apart with a trap every 100m (1km x 100m). Put a number on each trap and keep track of how many you’ve set, when and where.
  • Ferrets are easier to catch in late summer and autumn.
  • Check your traps about 12 times a year. Set and bait/lure traps during each check and make sure the traps are still working. Dispose of old lures/baits away from the trap. 
  • Maintenance of traps is critical.
DOC 250 wooden box trap. Image credit: PFNZ Trust

How to set up and service a DOC 200 video

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a DOC 200 trap. They have a very powerful trap mechanism, so make sure you have attended a training course and/or watched the video before setting one.

Tips on how to use the DOC 200 trap

Meet Phil Waddington, the DOC series trap inventor, from Wellington (find out more about Phil here). He shares three useful tips on using the DOC 200 and his fourth tip explains how the DOC series got its name.

Tip #1 – using the safety catch

Tip # 2 – how to ensure the DOC 200 lid doesn’t wear so quickly

Tip # 3  – how to set a lighter weight to trap small rats and female weasels

Tip # 4 – how the DOC trapping series got its name

Where to buy DOC 150/200/250 traps

  • Buy a DOC 200 from our shop. Buy a DOC 250 from one of our key suppliers and stockists throughout NZ.