Cam Speedy chatting

Fine tuning your predator control

Do you want some tips and tricks on increasing the effectiveness of predator control for your project or community group?
Rabbit bouncing away in the grass.

Rabbit control could help us towards a predator free future

If you can’t get rid of every single rat or stoat the few survivors suddenly find themselves with ample food supplies and very little competition.
Two hoiho on a grassy cliff

Nurturing our natives at Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital treats 600 patients annually – all native species, some of which are very rare and endangered.
Traps along a river.

From products to projects with Predator Free 2050 Limited

Funding from Jobs for Nature Mahi mō te Taiao programme and the Provincial Growth Fund, Predator Free 2050 Limited has been able to invest $11.3 million in funding for 15 companies developing predator eradication tools and ‘best practice’ for their use.
A collection of images of species.

Emerging technologies for predator control and what to do about feral cats

Dr Helen Blackie from Boffa Miskell talks about some of the latest technologies to control introduced predators in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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Eradication — we’ve all got a role

Biz is an expert in predator control, dedicated to community-based conservation projects, so they have the skills and resources needed to achieve positive outcomes for species and habitats.
Stoat on leaf litter. Image credit: Nga Manu.

Genomics, Stoats, and Predator Free New Zealand

In this talk, Dr Veale describes some of his recent work focusing on how genomics may assist us achieve our goal of controlling and potentially eradicating invasive predators from Aotearoa.
A painting of the elegant gecko

A land of lizards

Did you know we have over 110 different species of native lizards, and we’re still discovering more?
A farm landscape with green fields and bush remnants

Starter’s Guide to Predator Control on Farms

Introduced predators create havoc on farms. In this webinar, Cam Speedy, a predator control expert, discusses how predator control can make a significant difference on your land.
Bird of the year is a bat — go figure!

Bird of the year is a bat — go figure!

The official winner of Bird of the Year was announced this week and it’s not a bird – it’s a bat!
‘Every bird sighting counts’ The NZ Bird Atlas

‘Every bird sighting counts’ The NZ Bird Atlas

Find out how you can make a difference and help our unique bird species in Aotearoa.
Hedgehog with an egg shell in its mouth

Hedgehog control in the Mackenzie Basin

Nick Foster talks about his research on the movement and habitat use of hedgehogs in upland areas.
Image of phone showing Instagram. Using social media can help spread the word

Engaging communities with social media expert Liz Carlson

Social media expert, Liz Carlson, has shared her tips on how community groups can use social media to grow, reach new eyeballs and engage with people.
Image of a stuffed ferret

New techniques and tools for stoat and ferret control

Helen Blackie from Boffa Miskell explains how to use landscape features to optimize the placement of traps and monitoring tools to increase encounter rates.
Tūī on a harakeke showing it's iridescent feathers in the sun

If you plant it, they will come

Rod Morris shows us the many native creatures thriving in his backyard after predator control work has been done.