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Aerial view of Hamilton including the Waikato river

Restoring nature in the heart of Hamilton

Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) may be renowned for its beautiful gardens, but the city holds a surprising truth – much of its greenery is introduced plantlife, not…

Native chippy pinchers: 5 surprising facts about our native gulls

Native chippy pinchers: 5 surprising facts about our native gulls

What comes to mind when you think of a gull? Noisy seaside neighbours? Picnic scavengers? How about declining species? How much do you know about…

Jenilee checks an AT220 trap.

Inside out: Predator Free Apprentice leaves the nest

Nearly one in four young adults in Aotearoa New Zealand are suffering from high levels of anxiety, fatigue and depression. Jenilee Hill is proud to…

"Mokomoko manor" Sign

Mokomoko Manor: how to create your own lizard garden

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Holly Neill created her own Mokomoko Manor, a haven where multiple skink buddies now live their best lives in…

Kererū snacking on summer fruits

Hatch a plan: 5 ways to kick off your predator free summer

Incorporating predator free activities into your summer is fun and fulfilling, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are five ideas that will…

A juvenile kārearea (NZ falcon) inspects a hedgehog in a Whākatane backyard.

5 super cool backyard wildlife encounters of 2023

An entirely subjective and contestable compilation of wonderful wildlife encounters in 2023 — all unfolding right in people’s gardens. Through the combined efforts of predator…

Possum trapped inside a Tāwhiti Smart Cage. A chewed up lemon in the foreground.

Smarter not harder: the trap that adds clever to conservation

Traditional pest-trapping methods weren’t working. Predator Free Franklin spearheaded the creation of Tāwhiti Smart Cage – a cutting-edge solution to the district’s challenging environment. This lemon-snacking…

An archey's frog on a fern

A glimmer of hope for Archey’s frog survival in Waikato

Archey’s frogs survived the comet that decimated the dinosaurs – but this walnut-sized pekeketua (frog) is close to extinction on our watch. Could rat control…

A trap box in the bush

Predator control: there’s no one tool to rule them all

An intricate web of ecological, technological, and logistical challenges makes it clear that, much like the Fellowship in Middle-Earth, a diverse range of tools and…

Hoiho wearing a santa hat

Predator free gift guide 2023

The holidays are nearly upon us. Don’t freak out. Our predator free-friendly gift guide is curated with thoughtful and eco-conscious ideas that bring joy to…

Apprentice graduates Māia Gibbs, Mawene Bidois, Mereana Hanrahan stand in a gravel car park in front of a ute. They're wearing javckets and backpacks, ready to head into the field.

Four Taranaki predator free apprentices graduate

Four Predator Free Apprentices have graduated in tandem, and the future of conservation in the region is looking brighter than ever. Apprentice graduates Māia Gibbs,…

North Island brown kiwi translocated to the hill of Wellington.

Running out of space: kiwi translocations

Breeding programmes have done a great job of bolstering kiwi numbers, but due to the need for large home ranges, do we have enough kiwi-safe…

Movie poster showing Zealandia logo starring kākā, tīeke, hihi and takahê.

Why is Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne translocating so many “unusual” species?

At Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne kākā, tīeke and hihi (stitchbird), little spotted kiwi and takahē create a lively canopy and forest floor. But behind…

Kākā sitting on a branch

20 years of predator control quadrupled kākā population near Taupō

Large-scale, frequent and effective introduced predator control helped increase kākā density fourfold and improved the sex ratio. The endemic forest parrot has declined due to…

Artists collage

The faces of the predator free movement

From boardrooms to the bush, from artists’ studios to the laboratories of scientists, from golf courses to community meeting halls, a diverse array of people…