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Cicada shedding its old skin with the number 10 overlaid

10 most-read articles of all time

For nearly a decade, the Trust has been writing all things predator free from breakthrough science to the best baits to try. Have you read…

Snapshots from the past: 10 years of the Predator Free New Zealand Trust

Snapshots from the past: 10 years of the Predator Free New Zealand Trust

Join us on a journey through time as we celebrate a decade of achievements with the Predator Free New Zealand Trust, from humble beginnings to…

A trap on a tree.

Trap tech: how the AT220 is innovating pest tech

Trappers are all too familiar with the time-intensive task of checking traps and replacing bait. But thanks to fully automated traps like the AT220, this…

Scrubbing a DOC 200

5 ways to give your trap some TLC

Traps can get grungy and lose their effectiveness if we don’t give them some love and attention. Rats, possums or mustelids – whatever your target,…

Native birds with New Zealand political part logos on a black background.

What do our political parties think about Predator Free 2050?

What are the top-polling political parties thinking and saying about Predator Free 2050? We reached out to them and this is what they had to…

People walking through the bush

Predator control mahi connecting tāngata and whenua

The kaupapa of Tū Mai Taonga is not only about breathing new life into Aotea Great Barrier Island’s ngahere (forest); it’s reconnecting whānau with their…

A man holding a gecko.

From corporate life to conservation – how one man made the switch

For years, Reino Grundling was living two lives. He worked in the complicated world of international logistics by day, but his real passion was volunteering…

People in a field smiling next to freshly planted natives and holding trapping boxes.

Chillest vibes: conservation group members are rich (in social capital)

Research reveals participating in conservation community groups doesn’t just give back to nature; it gives back to you and your community. All smiles at the…

A shining cuckoo being fed by its grey warbler foster parent.

Mystery, migration and mucous membranes: 5 curious facts about the shining cuckoo

In early September, a unique summer visitor to Aotearoa begins to grace our shores, migrating from the tropics. The pīpīwharauroa (shining cuckoo) certainly make an…

Comic: macrons matter

Comic: macrons matter

That little line above certain vowels makes a big difference when it comes to the pronunciation and meaning of te reo Māori. Illustrator Matt Russell…

Volunteers standing in Whitby with traps and plants.

Funding milestone ignites Predator Free Communities across Aotearoa

Today marks a milestone as we grant an unprecedented $92,000 to support 23 remarkable predator free community initiatives. We select outstanding Predator Free Communities from…

Comic: solving the rat surge puzzle

Comic: solving the rat surge puzzle

This comic is brought to you by the talented illustrator Sarah Maybe Little, explaining a study into where surging rat numbers come from during high-elevation…

Elephant weevil.

5 weird and wonderful native animals that aren’t birds

Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity extends far beyond our feathery friends. Prepare to be wowed by these five native species, from bizarre fuzzy weevils to very…

Man checks a Sentinel possum trap.

Troubleshooting tips: what to do if your possum trap isn’t catching any possums

So, you’ve set your possum trap, hoping to make a dent in the possum population destroying your fruit trees and eating birds’ eggs and invertebrates…

Volunteers planting native trees on a hillside

How to make sure your native plants take root

Winter is the ideal time for planting native plants, as the cold temperatures and rainfall help trees and shrubs get a chance to settle in…