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A hut on on a grassy island

Antipodes and the impact of mice

For thousands of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic mice, the next few weeks are the final countdown. With just a few weeks to go until mouse eradication…

A photo of braided river bed

BRaid comes to aid of ancient rivers and rare birdlife

The South Island’s stunning braided river systems have been formed over millions of years as clashing tectonic plates created mountains and glaciers and then high…

Powelliphanta superba is a taonga (image of snail on rocks)a

Invertebrates – looking after the little guys

We know New Zealand’s native birds aren’t thriving – but what about the little guys – the VERY little guys? What’s happening with our insects…

A group of little penguins

Making a Place for Penguins in the City

For a little penguin (until recently known as little blue penguin) in the city, the urban adventure includes a few extra hazards not encountered by…

Two rats in hay

Rats as island invaders

Rats are, perhaps, the ultimate invader – with a little bit of help through the centuries from humans. Where-ever we go they go too, so…

A photo of braided river bed

Braided rivers and predator monitoring

Braided river systems are rare throughout the world, but we have some superb examples in New Zealand, particularly in the Canterbury and Southland regions. New…

A kea attacks a piece of rubbish.

Conservation groups team up to help Mt Aspiring kea

When it comes to clever, New Zealand’s alpine parrots are up there with the smartest crows, African Grey Parrots and even monkeys. Kea can problem-solve,…

A rainforest landscape

Bait residue issues

No-one wants to see the birds and other wildlife we’re trying to protect, killed or in any way harmed by the very methods we use…

High tech, easy-to-use trap monitoring system saves money and time

High tech, easy-to-use trap monitoring system saves money and time

Imagine being able to check the status of every trap in your trapping network on your cellphone over a morning coffee or on your laptop…

Pest control in earnest

Pest control in earnest

A guest editorial by Northland conservationist and author, Wade Doak. From the minute Jan and I, with our two teen kids, landed on a forest…

Possum. Image credit Nga Manu.

Understanding possums

Possums are a huge problem in New Zealand – and consequently the subject of a great deal of research. Most of that research, understandably, focuses…

Coal Island – a southern sanctuary for rare species

Coal Island – a southern sanctuary for rare species

In late 2015, 80 mohua were transferred from Chalky Island to Te Puka-Hereka/Coal Island in Fiordland National Park, the latest in a series of native…

Man in a canoe with a dog, kayak in backgroun

Wetlands and islands

This week’s Friday afternoon reads looks at predator research relating to two key habitats in New Zealand – wetlands and off-shore islands. Sinclair Wetlands coordinator…

Tackling stoats

Tackling stoats

Stoats are a cunning opponent and serious villain in New Zealand’s battle to save our native species. They’re efficient predators, can travel long distance and…

A bag of dog food

Raw diet good for pet health and the environment

Possums, rabbits, hares, wallabies and goats are all on the menu at ‘Raw Essentials’, a pet-food company which strongly believes in feeding our carnivore pets…