Book: Bringing back the birdsong

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With intensive pest control, the Doaks have witnessed a dramatic recovery of the native flora and fauna. In ‘their coastal slice’ the natural world has returned with a profusion of birdsong in the forest.

This book is a plea for the conservation and protection of New Zealand’s wildernesses, reiterating the challenge made by Sir Paul Callaghan: can we eradicate pests throughout our island nation? On a small scale, Wade and Jan Doak show that yes, it can be done.

Wade’s engaging text tells a remarkable story, illustrated with an incredible photographic archive of trees, shrubs, vines, orchids, ferns, birds, and attendant wildlife, displaying an area rich in diversity.

•  Fascinating description of wildlife found in coastal Northland

•  An inspirational read for everyone interested in nature conservation and what can be achieved

•  Highly illustrated with extraordinary wildlife photography

Book available for purchase through New Holland Publishers.