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Dan Henry has been a Miramar (Wellington) local for over 15 years and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

In 2017, he set up Predator Free Miramar and encouraged the community to start backyard trapping. Three years later, there are over 1,400 traps in the area. They have caught a whopping 10,000 introduced predators and kaka and kākāriki have been seen doing flybys in their suburb.

Dan shares his knowledge in this webinar.

Dan has also written a resource called ‘How to kill rats and engage a community‘ (PDF, 8MB). Despite the title, this is not an instruction manual on how another group should proceed; what makes these projects so great is that there’s no one way of doing it.

To the best of Dan’s recollection, this is simply the story of what they did at Predator Free Miramar, recorded here in the hope that it might help other trapping groups starting out.

You can contact Dan through the PF Miramar Facebook page or website.

We have over 30 webinars available across a range of predator free topics. You can find them all on our YouTube page or explore different topics through our site.