Boost your bait station

We asked predator control specialist Cam Speedy what makes a successful bait station.

Bait stations are a great tool to add to your predator control kit. Tucked away out of the weather (and at least 5m from public tracks), bait stations keep bait fresh and attractive for introduced predators. You can also use them for pre-feeding if you’re setting up a possum nightclub.

Cam Speedy chatting
Cam Speedy is a predator control specialist with years of experience under his belt. Image credit: PFNZ

Cam’s top tips for bait stations:

  • Keep it low – place it about one hammer length up the trunk of the tree
  • Put it on the sheltered side of the tree so it’s out of the weather
  • Attach it with a tek-screw rather than a nail (this protects the tab)
  • Scuff the ground around it to create interest
  • Blaze the trail leading in with flour mixed with icing sugar and cinnamon
  • Keep your station free from mould and dirt – a clean, white station is more appealing for possums

Be careful!

Always wear protective gloves when handling baits and dispose of old baits responsibly.

Toxic baits must be kept away from children, pets, and curious native species like weka. If your area is near a popular walking track or has a lot of ground-dwelling native species, it might not be suitable for a bait station.

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