Double trouble: Victor double-set trap

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To get the most out of your Victor double-set, it’s all about sales and marketing.

A double-set Victor (two traps in the same tunnel) can be successful, as the first catch attracts another predator to the trap.
A double set Victor. Image credit: PFNZ

Based on the success that double-set DOC 200s have, the Victor double-set trap is specially designed to house two Victor professional rat traps. Tunnels like these are a critical part of the trapping toolkit – keeping traps away from native species while still luring rats in. With two entrances facing opposite directions and a trap inside each, the Victor double-set is double trouble for introduced predators. 

Cam’s top tips for the Victor double-set trap:

  • Make sure the box is firmly in place and doesn’t wobble
  • Set your traps:
    • Bait the plate with peanut butter (or another lure)
    • Hold them with the “business-end” away from you
    • Set the trap on the fine mode
    • Carefully place the loaded trap in the box and push it away from the entrance with a stick
  • Close the box and screw the lid down
  • Scuff the ground, blaze with scented flour, and pop some peanut butter on the doorstep to make it appetising 
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