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A meme comparing what you think of rats at home (Stuart Little and Remy from Ratatou) with the reality (a rat in an attic surrounded by droppings)

True cost: predators can damage your home and your wallet

When cold weather pushes rodents indoors, infestations happen. They cause damage by chewing everything. The good news? Owen Stobart says you can prevent it.
Members of the Huia Trapping Group.

Fellowship of the trap: how an unlikely trio grew a trapping community

What do a mechanic, a cartoonist, and an oceanographer have in common?
Comic: Smelly predator science

Comic: Smelly predator science

Possum butts smell garlicy. Research suggests that predator-emitted volatile organic compounds could be used for predator monitoring.
Willow, wearing gumboots and outdoor gear standing in a clearing in the bush.

Wild at heart: the untold story of conservationist Willow van Heugten 

Threatened species benefit from the adventures of this nature legend, who’d much rather be out in the field than interviewed.
Close up of kea

Brainy, beautiful and beloved: so why are our kea disappearing?

Dubbed ‘the clever clowns of the Alps’, kea are much loved for their cheeky spirit and keen intelligence.
8 year old Harry checking one of his traps in the bush.

8-year-old on a mission to turn NZ into a bird sanctuary

Harry is proving that age is just a number when it comes to making a difference in the predator free movement.
A group of people looking at the camera with the Marlborough Sounds in the background.

Learning from the best: Q&A with Picton Dawn Chorus

Picton Dawn Chorus went from a few passionate residents with a dream to deploying a network of 3,500 traps. How did they do it, and what’s next?
A person setting a rat trap

On the rise: predator free awareness across Aotearoa

According to a new survey, the predator free movement is steadily gaining momentum, with nearly 40% of New Zealanders aware of the mission.
A gecko on a rock

Tuatara aren’t lizards but here are 5 cool geckos that are

We may be a nation of bird nerds but our native geckos are noteworthy too! There are at least 44 species of native geckos, and more continue to be discovered.  
A stoat watching something in front of some rocks.

Stoat personalities: unravelling the mystery of trap-evasion

Why do some stoats get caught in a trap, but others walk on by? Researchers have been diving deep into animal behaviour in an attempt to find out.
A man in hi-vis hammers a trap into a tree.

This is what happens when you invest in conservation careers

It was launched to create new jobs in the wake of COVID. But the Predator Free Apprentice Programme ended up doing so much more.
Cartoon drawing of milk bottles, bait stations, bungee cords, timber, tape, rope and bamboo.

Number 8 wire: 5 low-tech predator control innovations

Move over MacGyver. Homegrown Kiwi innovation is doing so much for predator control, and it’s not just the big players with fancy products. 
The van Heugten family standing in native bush

Keeping up with the van Heugtens: Auckland’s nature hero family

The van Heugten family isn’t just another household; they’re a powerhouse for nature, spanning generations.
A close up of a kōkako

From one pair to many: these volunteers saved this Auckland kōkako population

When volunteers started helping kōkako in the Hūnua Ranges there was just one breeding pair left. But it wasn't too late - thirty years later, there are more than 250 pairs.
Photo of moon phases

Predator trapping by the moon: the influence of maramataka 

Many people recognise the influence that the moon phase can have on hunting, fishing and gardening. It’s the same with trapping predators.