A hut on on a grassy island

Antipodes and the impact of mice

For thousands of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic mice, the next few weeks are the final countdown. With just a few weeks to go until mouse eradication begins on the sub-Antarctic Antipodes, this week’s Friday read looks at some of the key Antipodes-based research which has led us to this point – to the ‘Million Dollar Mouse’ … Continue reading Antipodes and the impact of mice

A photo of braided river bed

Braided rivers and predator monitoring

Braided river systems are rare throughout the world, but we have some superb examples in New Zealand, particularly in the Canterbury and Southland regions. New Zealand’s braided riverbeds are breeding grounds for some very special wildlife including the wrybill – the only bird in the world with a bent beak – and the very rare … Continue reading Braided rivers and predator monitoring

Tackling stoats

Stoats are a cunning opponent and serious villain in New Zealand’s battle to save our native species. They’re efficient predators, can travel long distance and are good swimmers. They’re also notoriously bait-shy. So what can recent NZ research tell us about the best ways to tackle stoats? First, an overview of public perceptions and what … Continue reading Tackling stoats