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Stoat with sausage on a fork.

Sausages on the menu: trials target feral cats and stoats

Stuff them in a roll or slap them on a piece of white bread; sausages are a Kiwi classic. Stoats and feral cats have a taste for them too.
A black cat on a dirt road.

Cat catastrophe: The final frontier – managing feral cats

Cats are the eighth-most populous species in the world. But, as invasive species across many continents, their popularity comes at a tremendous cost.
A cat roaming in the grass

The feral factor – new research into roaming feral cats

Feral cats live on every continent except Antarctica – surviving in deserts, forests, farms, and cities. But even though they can live almost anywhere, some habitats are more appealing than others. 
A cat playing with a spring

Cat catastrophe: Why are we behind Australia in managing cats?

Why are we quickly falling behind in managing cats? We need only look across the ditch to see how a different cat-management reality could be playing out in Aotearoa New Zealand.
A skink on a red rock

Sunny side up: skinks are changing up their sun-bathing to avoid cats

When four-legged predators first arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand, the native wildlife didn’t know what had hit them.
A collection of images of species.

Emerging technologies for predator control and what to do about feral cats

Dr Helen Blackie from Boffa Miskell talks about some of the latest technologies to control introduced predators in Aotearoa New Zealand.
A close up of a white gecko

Feral cats feast on Australian reptiles

Researchers have calculated that the total number of feral cats in Australia in largely natural landscapes averages 2.07 million.
A cat walks through foliage

Catching feral cats on camera

Feral cats are nocturnal, elusive creatures and can range up to 6 kilometres, making monitoring difficult. So how do you go about detecting them?
A cat looking out a window

Fenced in felines – keeping cats and wildlife safe

Barbara Clarke’s cats, Sammy and Smudge enjoy a fantastic view over the Pukawa bush but that’s as close as they get to the rich birdlife in the forest.
A cat stalking something

Can feral cats limit rats?

When scientists studying the dynamics of a Norway rat colony in New York had some wild cats moved in on the experiment, they took the opportunity to see how the presence of cats and their behaviour influenced the presence and behaviour of the rats.
Cats vs Rats (and the big ones that get away)

Cats vs Rats (and the big ones that get away)

The rats that your cat brings home may not be the biggest ones out there, according to international research into cat/rat hunting dynamics.
A helicopter takes gear from a boat

Trials test feasibility of removing pigs, cats and mice from Auckland Island

Trials are in full swing down in the Southern Ocean exploring whether it’s possible to rid Auckland Island of its three remaining introduced predators.
A cat stalking something

City cats – what don’t we know and how can we find out?

Cats, cat management and the impact of cats on conservation – it seems that everyone in New Zealand has an opinion and a significant proportion of us own at least one companion cat – but what is actually known about the multiple roles of urban cats in New Zealand?
A black and orange cat lying down

Tracking cats on Rakiura/Stewart Island

While PFNZ Trust focuses on 5 key introduced predator species, we acknowledge that domestic pets – both cats and dogs – are also introduced predators and are potential killers of native wildlife if allowed to stray.
A cat on a leash outside.

Inside scoop: Q&A with an indoor cat owner

Meet Tess and her beloved cats, Sylvia and Sooty. Tess made the choice to keep them indoors from day one - “Safe at home, don’t let me roam”