How to use a T-Rex trap

Watch this video on how to safely set your T-Rex trap:

Top tips

  • Always wear gloves when handling your trap or catches.
  • All snapback rat traps should be fixed in place inside a tunnel so the trap is orientated towards the target for an effective and humane kill. 
  • To avoid capture of non-target species, in standard tunnels the trap should be placed 130 mm from the tunnel entrance (265 mm if weka are present).
  • Bait traps with some peanut butter and refresh often.
  • Before opening the tunnel give the trap a shake to disable the trap inside (if there is one inside).
  • Slide in the trap until it’s just inside the tunnel.
  • Check your traps every couple of days until you’re getting results and the catch rate goes down, then check every 2–3 weeks. The more rats in the area, the more checks you will need to do.

Make sure you place the trap at the back of the tunnel (opposite the small entrance hole), away from small fingers.

Trouble shooting

  • If you’re not getting results, try a different spot.
  • The sensitivity cannot be adjusted, but if they are taking the bait and not setting off the trap, then this usually this means you are putting too much bait in the bait cup.   
  • Refresh the bait regularly.

Where to buy a T-Rex trap

You can buy the T-Rex trap and tunnel from our online shop and have it delivered to your door.