ToxinSingle or multi feed?AdvantagesDisadvantagesCSL required?
BrodifacoumSingleUseful for controlling low numbers of possums.
High risk of secondary poisoning. Builds up in the environment. Can build up in feral game meat and livestock with inappropriate use.
MultiLow risk of secondary poisoning. Can be used on all densities.
Acute toxin, requires multiple feeds. Can be more expensive than other options.

Feratox (encapsulated cyanide)Single depending on possum numbersEffective knockdown tool.Acute, fast acting toxin. Builds up in the environment.YesYes
PindoneMultiCan also be effective on rats.
First generation. Possums have to eat a significant amount to consume a lethal dose. Medium risk of secondary poisoning.
Double Tap
(diphacinone + cholecalciferol)

SingleCan be used on all densities of possums, and can be used to target rats. No pre-feeding required.

Relatively untested as new to market.