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  • Goodnature Smart Traps are automatic resetting traps are ideal for rodents. 
  • Place Smart Traps, 10–20cm off the ground, near food sources or on trees near pump sheds. 
  • Replace CO2 gas canisters and lure pumps about every 3–4 months. 
  • Rodent snap-traps can also be used (they are cheaper). Place in small wooden boxes set in similar places to Smart Traps. 
  • Lure with peanut butter. 
  • Check regularly every 1–4 weeks.
Sheds can house rodents
Dairy cow shed at the countryside. Image credit: iStock

Bait stations

  • In areas with higher rodent populations, bait stations may be more effective.  
  • Use bait stations that contain the bait, so rodents can’t carry it away and store it. 
  • Work on installing one bait station per shed bay/pump shed or one station per 20m2 for rats. 
  • Pulse Ditrac, Contrac or Pestoff blocks every 4–6 weeks. 
  • First generation anticoagulants (Diphacinone, Ditrac) are not generally effective for mouse control. 
  • Remove old or mouldy bait for careful disposal (check product label for advice). 
  • Ensure stock CAN NOT access bait. 
  • Caution is required in milking sheds to avoid contamination of milk with pesticide residues. 
  • Only MPI approved rodenticides may be used in dairy and food preparation premises. Check with your bait supplier to confirm their bait holds this approval.

For more information

For more information on predator control specific to your area, we recommend that you contact a predator control expert or your regional council.

For information on what you can do to take your trapping to the next level, download a Predator Control Annual Calendar (PDF, 102KB) or buy an A2 print from our shop.