The ‘how to’ content library (for traps and tools)

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The ‘How To’ Content Library

NB. The library is a read-only spreadsheet of three tabs (find at the bottom of the sheet)
Tab 1: By species: the content is organised by the species you are targeting.
Tab 2: By trap/tool: the content is organised alphabetically by trap in colour-coded sections
Tab 3: Holistic tips: a list of bonus content that is helpful for general trapping advice.
Use command/ctrl + F (find) to search for specific content within the spreadsheet

How to use the library

The spreadsheet is a collection of links to videos, webpages and PDFs, demonstrating safe and correct use of common traps and tools. It’s kind of like an intranet of trap and tool instructions for people who help people who do predator control (eg. predator free projects, councils, DOC, regional hubs, predator free coordinators etc).

Some examples of ways you might use the library:

  • Website updates: when updating resources on your site, check the library for good content to include 
  • Queries from community groups: provide quality examples when responding to questions from groups you support, eg. how do I get started with a Victor Professional? Which traps are best for catching possums?
  • Social media: if you’re looking for content to share on your channels

This library is not intended as a public resource to be shared directly with groups and the general public.

Improvements and updates

If you have feedback on how to improve this library or ideas for quality content to include, please get in touch. This is the first version of this work, and we hope to continue improving it.