Other funding options may be found on Generosity New Zealand, an online portal which provides a comprehensive list of funds (not just on conservation). It is available on a subscription basis or it can be accessed free through your local library (you just need your library card).

Fund nameAboutAmount availableFunding rounds
Waikato Catchment Ecological Environment Trust Assist projects which foster and enhance the sustainable management of ecological resources in the Lake Taupo and Waikato River catchmentsGenerally $5000 - $30,000, sometimes moreAnnual, closing 31 March
Forest and Bird - WaikatoContact
President, Forest and Bird Protection Society, Provide funding to assist with conservation projects on legally protected land.
Waikato Branch
PO Box 11092, Hillcrest, Hamilton
Up to $6,000All year round
Norah Howell Charitable Trust Support, assist and promote charitable purposes particularly in the Waikato.
C B Cleland
PO Box 9495, Hamilton
07 8382692
$1,000-2,000March and September
Waipa District Council Community Board Discretionary Grants [email protected]Up to $3,000TBC
Lottery Waikato Community Committee To encourage or enable community self-reliance. Includes projects that help the well-being of people in community.
VariesApril, July & November
Small Scale Community Initiatives FundThis fund enables the purchase of materials, used in pest animal/ plant pest control. Up to $5,000Annually - May
Environmental Initiatives FundThis fund provides single or multi-year (up to 3 years) grants for projects which directly enhance and/or benefit the environment or provide environmental education.Up to $40,000 totalAnnually May — June
The Trust WaikatoTo help organisations carry out charitable, cultural, educational, recreational and other projects of benefit to the people of the Greater Waikato.$500 upwards - contact directly for more info.February, June & September
Hamilton City Council - Community FundingSingle-year Grant supports not-for-profit community organisations that support small community led projects that are aligned with Council plans and strategies and contribute to the social wellbeing of the city by delivering community wide services.
Contestable fund of at least $292,0001 February - 1 March 2019
Len Reynolds Trust Projects in the Waikato area that support education, environment and social well-being.TBCTBC
Natural Heritage FundSupports large scale projects that protect and manage, in perpetuity, special places of ecological significance. Varies