Other funding options may be found on Generosity New Zealand, an online portal which provides a comprehensive list of funds. It is available on a subscription basis or it can be accessed free through your local library (you just need your library card).

Fund nameAboutAmount availableFunding rounds
FNDC Community FundFunds are allocated to provide good quality local infrastructure or local public services.Up to $5,000Monthly
Foundation NorthFunding projects that conserve physical and natural environment, conserve our cultural heritage.Quick response grants up to $25,000.

Community grants over $25,000
Quick response grants bi-monthly, Community Support grants within 4 months of application

Community Support Grants: Annually
NRC Environment FundFund recognises the effort and commitment that Northlanders are putting into addressing their environmental issues - projects funded at up to 50% of their total costs.Up to $10,000All year round - until all funds have been allocated.