Canterbury funds

Below is a list of funds available for predator control groups in Canterbury.

Other funding options may be found on Generosity New Zealand, an online portal which provides a comprehensive list of funds (not just on conservation). It is available on a subscription basis or it can be accessed free through your local library (you just need your library card).

Fund nameAboutAmount available Funding rounds
Christchurch Biodiversity Fund Support biodiversity projects within the Christchurch City Coucil boundaryUp to $200,0002 rounds closing 1 May and 1 Dec
Environment Canterbury Biodiversity Fund Any individual, landowner, community, conservation or recreational group that seeks to protect or restore indigenous plants or animals and their habitat, waterways, wetlands and dunes can apply for the Immediate Steps fund.VariesAll year
Rata FoundationProvides funding for groups that build strong, connected, healthy, happy and prosperous communitiesVariesAll year
Rakaia Catchment Environmental FundAssists projects within the Rakaia River catchment that are designed to enhance the cultural, ecological, and biological health of, and recreational opportunities within the catchment Varies2 rounds closing 31 Jan and 31 July