Predator free gift guide 2023

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The holidays are nearly upon us. Don’t freak out. Our predator free-friendly gift guide is curated with thoughtful and eco-conscious ideas that bring joy to your loved ones and contribute to protecting New Zealand’s unique wildlife.

Hoiho wearing a santa hat
The holiday season is fast approaching. We have some fantastic gift ideas our native species will enjoy, too. Image credit: PFNZ

DIY predator free kit

Everything you need to get your friends and family started in predator control is in our online shop. Put together a kit with chew cards, tracking tunnels, rat, stoat, possum traps, and lures.

While at it, throw in a bird or lizard poster for inspiration and a predator control calendar to guide their year-round trapping efforts. A PekaPeka birdfeeder kit will also help attract birds to the garden.

Gift box with traps, chewcards and native fauna posters.
An artist’s impression of a predator free DIY kit. Image credit: PFNZ

Show your support

Predator Free NZ T shirt
10th anniversary limited edition tee. Image credit: PFNZ

Our friends at Little Yellow Bird have a variety of options, including a limited edition tee released in collaboration around our 10th anniversary.

This PFNZ shirt is made of 100% organic rain-fed cotton and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified — 20% of proceeds from each sale are donated to the Trust in support of conservation work.

For the fashion maverick, the shirt pairs perfectly with a Predator Free New Zealand Trust cap. It features our logo embroidered in white with an adjustable fastener and metal clasp. 

Wildlife adoption kits

No, we don’t mean take a wild animal home and raise it as your own. Instead, you symbolically adopt a bird or reptile and help pay for the special care they need in breeding programmes or conservation efforts.

At Ōtorohanga Kiwi House, you can “adopt” all kinds of critters for $100, including kea and tuatara. Adopt the fattest parrot in the world with the Department of Conservation’s Adopt a Kākāpō programme, starting from $125.

Adopt a kororā through the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony for $100. Sign up for a ‘Follow the Kiwi’ monthly sponsorship and follow the real lives and adventures of wild kiwi in the Coromandel for $10 a month.

Soft toy kākāpō, adoption cetificante and stickers.
Kākāpō adoptions are a special way to donate towards the conservation of this taonga species. Image credit: DOC

Nature-inspired artwork

'Herbaceous Hoiho' by Cassie Newman Art.
‘Herbaceous Hoiho’ by Cassie Newman Art. Image credit: Cassie Newman

Purchase artwork featuring native flora and fauna that gives back to the protection and care of NZ wildlife.

Some of our favourites include Cassie Newman Art, which donates 30% to various conservation projects, including Maukahuka/Auckland Island Pest Free.

Hannah Shand Art often contributes to conservation via sales of her fine-line artwork. 

Native gardening kit

Put together a gardening kit that focuses on native plants – include seeds or seedlings (here’s advice on what to plant) and gardening tools.

When native wildlife visits your giftee’s backyard, they will thank you again!

Find a native plant nursery in your area.

A gift box with gardening tools and native seeds and seedlings.
An artist’s impression of a native gardening gift kit. Image credit: PFNZ

Nature-themed experiences

Flightless the Pure Salt charter boat that voyages through Fiordland National Park.
Flightless, the Pure Salt charter boat that voyages through Fiordland National Park. Image credit: Pure Salt

Show your support for the growing trend of eco-tourism operators that include predator control in their operations.

Gift an experience with Pure Salt, which runs boat voyages through the remote and wild Tamatea (Dusky Sound) for kayaking, shore excursions, and snorkelling.

Rotorua Canopy Tours allows you to explore an ancient native forest on a zipline and swing bridge network.

Pōhatu Penguins in Akaroa offers group tours to mainland NZ’s largest kororā (little penguin) colony.

Kaitiaki Adventures in Rotorua offers trekking on volcanos and sledging down rapids. All contribute to the eradication of introduced predators.