Empowering communities: Unleash your community’s trapping prowess with these manuals

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The Trap Audit Manual provides cunning strategies and expert tips to fine-tune your trapping networks, while the Trap Build Manual equips anyone with the know-how to construct their own traps. 

Woman checking a trap in the bush.
Fine tune your community’s trapping prowess with these manuals. Image credit: PFNZ

The Predator Free Hauraki Coromandel Community Trust (PFHCCT) actively assists communities in their region to protect native species from invasive predators. PFHCCT has developed two valuable resources to support these efforts: the Trap Audit Manual and the Trap Build Manual.

The Trap Audit Manual is a practical guide designed to effectively help predator free community groups evaluate their trapping networks. It provides step-by-step instructions, expert tips, and proven strategies for optimising the performance of DOC 200 and DOC 250s. 

By following this manual, community groups can improve their trapping methods, increasing the chances of successfully capturing target species while reducing the risk of predators becoming trap shy.

The Trap Build Manual is an invaluable resource for DIY traps. This user-friendly guide offers clear instructions and helpful illustrations, making it accessible to individuals of all skill levels. 

Trap Audit Manual sitting on a table
Image credit: PFHCCT

By building their own traps, community members can actively contribute to the predator free cause and gain a sense of ownership and involvement in the process.

To access these valuable resources, simply click on the following links:

Trap Audit Manual (PDF, 2MB)

Trap Build Manual (PDF, 3.6MB)