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The Trust has initiated several national programmes for communities, schools and businesses to help achieve the goal of making NZ predator free by 2050.

Predator Free Apprenticeship Programme

A group standing in an open field
Image credit: Epro

The Predator Free Apprenticeship Programme was launched in late 2020 and aims to grow the number of experienced animal predator control specialists around the country.

The programme provides a career path for people wanting to work in predator control and will increase the capacity and capability of the sector. Find out more.

Predator Free Backyard Communities Programme

We know that caring for and protecting our natural environment is key to our future. We’ve helped support over 66 predator free backyard communities across Aotearoa New Zealand to get involved and help create safe habitat for our native species. Find out more about the programme and how you can be involved.

We have also run a Predator Free Schools programme with a focus on teaching kids about what makes NZ’s native species special and how introduced predators impact their survival. It aimed to encourage them to take collective action for the care of the environment. We have over 51 schools spread between Northland and Bluff and they include a range of rural and urban, primary and secondary.

The Predator Free Schools programme has been merged with the Predator Free Communities programme. 

A man leads a group along walkway. Supporting communities is one of our national programmes.
Image credit: Rotokare Scenic Reserve. Volunteer Ray Willy guiding school group.

Predator Free Holiday Parks Programme

Holiday park in NZ.
Holiday park in NZ.

We work closely with the Holiday Parks Association to enable its 300 member parks to create predator free habitats for NZ’s native wildlife in and around their grounds, thereby helping our native species to thrive. Find out more.