There are numerous organisations in New Zealand who financially support environmental projects including predator control. We have identified over 30 in the table below. If you know of any others that aren’t on this list, please let us know.

National funds

Fund nameAboutAmount availableFunding rounds
Air New Zealand Environment TrustFunds projects which have a direct impact on the restoration of the New Zealand environment. Funding is for projects and not day-to-day programmes.$10,000 +Open all year
ANZ NZ Staff FoundationANZ staff in New Zealand support organisations and projects that make a difference in their communities.$25,000 maximum by each charity per funding round.February & August
Bayer Primary School Science AwardPrimary school funding to teach and enhance both environmental science education and
‘nature of science’ activities.
ChalkydigitsEthical Fashion made in NZ supporting projects to boost our dawn chorus.$5,000 maximum per projectAnnually - April
Community Environment FundThe Community Environment Fund funds projects that support partnerships between parties and increase community-based advice, educational opportunities and public awareness on environmental issues.Up to $300,000Annually (next round 2018)
Community Internship Programme The Community Internship Programme gives grants for community groups to employ skilled workers as interns. The grant pays the interns salary while they are away from their own workplace.Grant pays interns salary.Open all year
Department of Conservation Community FundThe fund is directed at practical, on-the-ground projects. These projects will maintain and restore the diversity of our natural heritage.No limit - should reflect reasonable costs for project implementation.One funding round per year. Apply for a max of three years funding if project is multi-year.
Enhancement Access FundThe New Zealand Walking Access Commission administers a contestable fund to support projects aimed at enhancing access to New Zealand’s great outdoors.A maximum of $25,000 per project.Two funding rounds per year.
Fonterra Grassroots FundSupports projects that are in line with their values of quality, safety, well being, the environment and fostering community spirit.Between $500-$5,000Annually
Harcourts FoundationProvides grants to community-based organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible.Up to $10,000Quarterly
Kiwis for kiwi All community-based kiwi conservation groups, universities and recognised research facilities can apply. Must be registered charity and or designated group.Up to $40,000Annually (March)
Lion FoundationFunds are available for any charitable, philanthropic or cultural purpose that benefits the local community.No limitOpen all year
Lottery Significant Projects Fund Provides support to organisations undertaking major community-based capital expenditure projects.Projects must have a total cost of $3 million +
Lottery, Environment and Heritage CommitteeGrants to foster the conservation, preservation and promotion of New Zealand’s natural, physical and cultural heritage.$250,000 + but can also request less than thisOpen all year
Matauranga Kura Taiao Fund A contestable fund supporting hapū/iwi initiatives to retain and promote traditional Māori knowledge and its use in biodiversity management.TBCQuarterly
Ministry of Youth DevelopmentEncourages young people to apply for small grants of between for Youth Development projects for and by young people aged 12-24 years.$2,000-$7,000Annually
Nature Heritage FundProvides contestable finance for projects that protect ecosystems either by direct purchase, or covenant.TBC2-4 times a year
NEXT FoundationEstablished to invest in transformational projects for the benefit of future generations of New Zealanders.No limitOpen all year
Nga Whenua RahuiSupports the protection of indigenous ecosystems on Māori-owned land while honouring the rights guaranteed to landowners under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.TBCQuarterly
Nature Heritage FundProvides financial incentives to encourage the conservation of nationally significant heritage places in private ownership.No limit2-4 times a year
The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat TrustDistributes funding for the development and enhancement of habitat for the benefit of game birds and other wetland inhabitants.Up to $5,000 Annually
O-I New Zealand Environmental FundAims to give students an opportunity to undertake environmental studies which benefit the whole community.$250 - $10,000 per school project. Total fund $25,000.Annually
Outdoor Recreation Consortium FundsThe fund enables others to do conservation by providing funding for projects with measurable conservation outcomes.Funded by the DOC Community Fund so available funds differ year to year.Annually
Project CrimsonAims to protect New Zealand’s native pohutukawa and rata trees. It is sponsored by Meridian Energy in partnership with the Department of Conservation and with the support of Mazda New Zealand.Assistance on the ground with revegetation of eco-sourced pohutukawa or rata.Annually
QE11 National TrustTo encourage and promote the provision, protection and enhancement of open space for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of New Zealand.Contact directlyOpen all year
R D & E A Greenwood Environmental TrustTo assist preservation and protection of the natural environment of New Zealand. Contact: Warwick Greenwood, the Managing Trustee, at PO Box 10-359, Wellington.Up to $300,000Annually
Sargood BequestGrants to projects and activities in the children & youth, cultural, sports & outdoors, educational and environmental areas with a focus on access, participation and inspiration.Up to $5,000Annually (March/April)
Scotlands Te Kiteroa Charitable TrustTo help maintain the viability of rural communities and contribute to the improvement of their economic base and protection of environmental values.Up to $1,500Annually (December)
Sustainable Farming FundTo help maintain the viability of rural communities and contribute to the improvement of their economic base and protection of environmental values.$200,000 for a maximum of 3 yearsAnnually (July/August)
TechsoupThe Techsoup programme is designed to be a simple way for charitable organisations in New Zealand to access the technology they need to do their important work.Discounts, tech information and access to donated tech products.Open all year
The Mazda FoundationAims include (but are not limited to) assistance towards the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment.TBCThree rounds a year (31 March, 30 June and 30 September).
The Pacific Development and Conservation TrustDistributes grants to groups and individuals in the South Pacific for a range of development and conservation projects.From $2,000 - $50,000Annually
The Trusts Community FoundationProvides funding for a wide range of clubs, charities and community groups, in fields as diverse as sport, arts, culture, health and education.A total fund per year of 14 million is distributed.11 rounds a year
The Tindall Foundation and WWF - Education Action Fund & The Habitat Protection FundSupports communities and organisations who are in need of support.$500 - $1,500Annually (Feb/March)
The Trail FundBike track related projects.
TBCThree times a year
Transpower Community Care FundOne-off grants for projects to community groups in areas along the existing National Grid route, as well as communities affected by new Transpower projects.$5,000-$50,000Twice a year