What is Predator Free NZ? It is an independent trust established in 2013.

We are committed to dramatically reducing NZ’s predator populations, including rats, stoats, possums, weasels and ferrets. We want to protect our native species and see their populations increase in our lifetime. It’s one of the most ambitious conservation projects undertaken in NZ – ambitious, but achievable.

New Zealand has the highest rate of threatened species in the world. Around 81% of our birds, 88% of our reptiles and 72% of our freshwater fish are endangered. Most of our native species are not found anywhere else in the world.

Click here for more information about mammalian predators, our threatened species and habitat creation.


Mammalian predators

Threatened species

Threatened species

Habitat creation

Habitat creation

New Zealand has extraordinary native flora and fauna. It sustains us, it helps our tourism industry to thrive, and we identify with it. We even call ourselves Kiwis after our unique native bird.

However, every single decade more of our species are listed as endangered. DOC estimates that 25 million birds die per year through predation by mammalian pests. There are now billions of rats and millions of stoats and feral cats causing devastation around the country. We need to work together, all of us, to halt the decline.

There are already many people, often volunteers, working around NZ, including private landowners, schools, individuals and community groups, urban and rural, trapping predators and working to conserve native wildlife in their areas. They are passionate and dedicated, but often isolated and unsupported.

So let’s Unite to Fight!

Our team & purpose

We are a small, nimble, independent team supported by large agencies and businesses, with a strong multi-disciplinary board chaired by Sir Rob Fenwick. Find out more about our trustees & stakeholders.

Our focus is to:

  • Grow the vision and tell the story of a Predator Free NZ

  • Support and grow the national army of volunteers

  • Connect community groups, private landowners, hapu and iwi

Contact us

We’re best on email: contact@predatorfreenz.org

Address: 267 Wakefield St, Wellington, New Zealand