Tuia te taiao

Tuia Te Taiao is a tohu (symbol) that represents New Zealand communities working towards a collective vision – Predator Free 2050. 


The meaning behind the symbol is: people and nature, together we flourish. This tohu is owned by no one and is free for anyone to use as they wish. 

Artist Tyrone Ohia created the tohu after working with a range of stakeholders and Te papa atawhai (the Department of Conservation). We love this symbol because it represents everyone working towards a predator free New Zealand.

Image of Tuia Te Taiao tohu - the symbol of the movement
Tuia Te Taiao symbol. Image credit Tyrone Ohia.


Whakapapa is a core concept in te ao Māori. It is the matrix that connects us to who we are and where we’re from, the animate and inanimate, the terrestrial and spiritual worlds. It is intergenerational, spanning the past, present and future.

Our native species are seen as part of our whakapapa. This means we have a responsibility to them, the same way we have a responsibility to our own family members. 

By engaging with Predator Free 2050, we’re acknowledging that we’re working to protect not just birds or geckos but family. They are our equals, and our ancestors. If our native taonga are thriving, our whakapapa links are strengthened and all New Zealanders will feel more connected to the natural world.

If you’d like a stencil of the tohu to put on your traps, please contact us.

Download your own copy of the tohu

If you would like a digital png file, please download them using these links: horizontal lockup and vertical lockup.

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