Predator Free Holiday Parks Programme

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The Trust works with the Holiday Parks Association to enable its 300 member parks to help restore NZ’s native wildlife in and around their grounds.

About the programme

The parks support predator control efforts in their communities and help locals and guests to understand the government’s goal of being predator free by 2050 and encourage them to support this.

NZ’s natural landscape and scenery is a major factor in influencing visitors choice of destination and holiday parks are a great way to connect them with the vision of restoring our native wildlife.

What kind of support do holiday parks receive?

Parks who join our Predator Free Holiday Parks programme are given access to:

  • predator control advice
  • marketing material (note: there may be associated costs such as printing, packaging etc).

If you would like to know more about this programme or want to be involved, contact us.

Campers relax at Smiths Farm Holiday Park.
Campers relax. Image credit: Smiths Farm Holiday Park

Marketing material and resources

Marketing material

  • Download and print our flyer (PDF, 76 KB) for your compendium that explains why your holiday park is involved in the predator free movement.
  • Contact us for a free copy of an HPA and PFNZ A2 poster for your common room (note: shipping costs may apply).

What to plant to support birds and other wildlife

Plan your holiday park garden so it can provide food and shelter for native wildlife year round. We have some helpful tips about attracting birds to your garden.

Trapping and toxin advice

Recording and monitoring

To understand the effectiveness of your predator control it’s important to record and monitor the presence of both introduced predators and native species before and after your efforts. Find out more here.

Fun activities for kids

A local DOC ranger helps children make weta hotels at a holiday park.
A local DOC ranger helps children make weta hotels. Image credit: Hahei Holiday Park

Many holiday parks host activities for children over the holidays, here are some ideas: