We have listed suppliers of predator control equipment in NZ however, it’s not exhaustive and doesn’t imply endorsement by the PFNZ Trust.

Please get in touch if you are a supplier who would like to be added.

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Combined Industries
Warrior Possum traps, DOC Style 200 & Leg Hold Traps

We’re a specialised team of Kiwis with years of experience manufacturing a wide range of products in different industries. We are the sole supplier of Warrior Possum Traps in NZ and also supply DOC Style 200 traps and leg hold Traps. Discounts available for bulk purchase and qualifying community activities.09 277 5982

Good Traders

Duke Possum Traps

Good Traders is a small business based from our home near Rangiora in North Canterbury. We have the sole importation rights for the Duke #1 leg hold trap into New Zealand. No middle man, you’re dealing directly with the importer. Discounted prices are available for large orders.027 2742493

Gotcha Traps

The Black TrakkaThe worlds most cost efficient and effective forest tracking and monitoring system. The Black Trakka™ was developed in NZ by Warren Agnew and is now sold in many countries.(09) 425 6483 or 027 273 0648

Key Industries

Large range of bait & bait stations, traps, monitors & luresKey Industries are dedicated to providing pest control products proven to work in New Zealand. We supply a large range of pest control products from bait/bait stations; traps, monitors and lures covering every aspect of pest control. Products are available through a large number of resellers and our website.0800 539 463
Pest Control Research

Large range of traps, bait & bait stations, monitors & luresPest Control Research LP (PCR) is a Christchurch-based research, development and product supply company, established in 2000, with the goal of promoting and improving all aspects of animal pest control and pest monitoring in New Zealand. 03 372 1580


Pestgard specialise in pest control solutions for both DIY and commercial use. A wide range of animal traps are available for successful and humane capture of a variety of different animals, birds and pests. Pestgard have regular specials, and offer quantity discounts on many products.0800 737 838
PhilproofTraps, bait & bait stationsBait stations for rabbits, possums and rodents, bait for possums and rodents, traps for rodents, stoats and ferrets. Weatherproof, long lasting products for use both indoors and outside. Purchase direct from manufacturer the products that Commercial and Government Departments use. Discounts for bulk orders, conservation groups.07 8592943

Bait Safe® ProductsPossum Bait SafeThe Possum Bait Safe is a uniquely designed bait station, made specifically to target only possums for effective pest control. The bait station has many safe environmental benefits, successfully proven to exclude weka, rats and livestock. It provides an easy and functional tool for use, suitable with a range of toxins.(06) 3277880

TrapinatorDoc Series traps and TrapinatorTrapinator branded traps, are approved to NAWAC standard and used by the DOC New Zealand. The traps are environmentally safe baited, and humane. Simple and easy to use, for the novice trapper and community groups, backed by extensive use by DOC, makes Trapinator best choice wildlife protection.09 579 4089

Grantly Imports Ltd.Kness Snap-E Mouse, Rat Traps anf Victor Pro Rat Traps and Victor Easy Set Mouse TrapsImporting Kness and Victor mouse and rat traps for 20 years. Now supplying Nara Lines.03-319-7054