A Review of Best Practice Management for Humane and Effective Vertebrate Pest Control

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The review of best practice management for humane and effective vertebrate pest control informed work by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) and the proposed Ministry For Primary Industries (MPI) Biosecurity Toolbox manager on guidelines for the use of traps or devices and hunting or killing of wild animals and animals in a wild state for the purposes of pest management.

The specific objectives were to:

• Assess the available New Zealand best practice information on methods used to control vertebrate pest species in New Zealand and the need for guidance on aspects of use to limit animal welfare impacts; and,

• Identify needs for new best practice, or alignment of best practice, to ensure more humane vertebrate pest management in New Zealand.

Best practice information was sought from a range of agencies, organisations, and pest control companies and contractors for all vertebrate pests controlled by the Department of Conservation, the Animal Health Board and regional councils and the control methods used. Hunting and fishing were included when used primarily as control methods. Relevant organizations in Australia and the UK were also contacted.