Kiwibank Predator Free CommunitiesKiwibank is working with the Predator Free NZ Trust (PFNZ), supporting communities to take on the predator free challenge and help everyday New Zealanders take action in their backyard.

The initiative will see selected communities receive subsidised trapping equipment, and support to get a community backyard trapping program in action. PFNZ will also provide help, advice and access to best practice.  Our goal is to get a trap in every 5th backyard in towns, suburbs and neighbourhoods in New Zealand who want to make their community predator free. 

Why is becoming predator free important?

Introduced predators are hammering our native species and together we can change that. The Kiwibank Predator Free Communities programme will mentor community leaders and help them inspire others. Together we’ll work towards a predator free future where native wildlife thrives.

Announcing the Kiwibank Predator Free Communities

The winners of the video competition have now been announced and congratulations to all of you.