• October 2, 2016 at 8:22 pm #1937

    These days I see many articles/blogs showing children (and adults) out in the bush or urban areas catching rats and other predators. Its great promotion. But often in the photos and videos that are part of these stories the children are handling the rats and other animals with bare hands. This might be OK if we can be sure they wash their hands thoroughly after handing the animals. But my bet is many dont. They forget and head off to eat their lunch. Ideally, those handling dead animals should wear gloves. I think the message that rats and other animals do carry diseases that can at the least be unpleasant (ringworm for example) or potentially quite dangerous (like Leptospirosis see http://www.leptospirosis.org.nz/Leptospirosis.aspx) should be made clear by all those promoting predator control in New Zealand.

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