Northland Pest Control Guidelines 2016

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ThisĀ  booklet presents basic information on common animal pests, and provides practical guidelines on how to use a range of traps, toxins and techniques for maximum success.

Some pests are intelligent enough to learn from bad experiences and will quickly discover how to avoid poisons, traps and spot lights if your first attempts to kill them are not successful. Using a range of traps, baits and techniques and cycling toxins from one knockdown to the next, helps to avoid a build-up of wise, bait or trap shy animals.

Co-operative and synchronised pest control with neighbours, or as part of a Landcare Group, adds greater benefit by reducing reinvasion of a larger area and also taking longer for pest populations to rebuild. While it may currently be impossible to eradicate animal pests from New Zealand, coordinated control can reduce local populations to much less damaging levels.