Citizen Science Project

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Citizen Science Meets Environmental Restoration: “Measuring success through monitoring” is a three year project funded with support from MfE’s Community Environment Fund, that aims to improve the leadership, strategic direction and coordination of citizen science in New Zealand. ‘Citizen Science’ involves community volunteers using practical field monitoring tools, that meet scientific best practice, to report on the state of their local environment.

Key activities of the project include:
•    growing support for citizen science in New Zealand
•    determining the scope and availability of citizen science monitoring tools and training
•    investigating approaches for enabling and expanding community-based environmental monitoring
•    promoting more effective use of data from community monitoring
•    sharing findings through a national symposium

Visit NZ Landcare Trust website for more on this project and to download the inventory. The inventry provides a snapshot of citizen science activities currently underway in New Zealand and highlights the scope and nature of activities, resources and learning opportunities available.